VaeVictis #169: Lützen 1813

The Battle of Lützen is a grand tactical wargame simulating the clash of May 2, 1813 which marked the beginning of the first phase of the German campaign. The Russian-Prussian coalition army is in an offensive attitude, Tsar Alexander and his entourage considering a victory over a desperate Napoleon as probable, his army of conscripts suffering from a weakness in cavalry.
The objective is therefore to obtain a landmark victory which will seal the fate of the Confederation of the Rhine under French influence since 1806. Ney's III French corps plays the role of perfect prey in the initial coalition plan, which is a kind of ambush aiming for the partial destruction of the French Imperial Army.
For his part Napoleon, aware of the coalition's intentions, is looking for a decisive victory to put an end to this coalition, whose purpose to overthrow him has not yet been announced. He must destroy the opposing army. But such a providential victory rests on a bold maneuver of refusal from his right to attract the enemy, take Leipzig and fall to his rear. But without effective light cavalry to inform him about the coalition movements, Napoleon advanced in a certain fog…

  • One turn = 1 hour
  • One unit = 1 division or brigade
  • Complexity : 6/10
  • Solitaire suitability : 8/10
  • Duration : 2 to 3 hours

Die-cut counters :

counters Lutzen

Map (29,2 x 42 cm, preview):

lutzen map

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