VaeVictis #164 : Storm over Belfort 1871

The war of 1870 was marked by major sieges such as those of Metz, Strasbourg and Paris. The one of Belfort, from November 3, 1870 to February 18, 1871, is one of the last episodes of the war and the garrison will be the last French army to lay down its arms.
To simulate the siege, the Storm over Diksmuide (VaeVictis 133) system was taken over and modified. The soggy plains of Flanders are replaced here by rugged, wooded terrain dominated by the citadel of Belfort.
Storm over Belfort tries to show the difficult conditions of an ultimately dynamic siege where bitter fighting is fought in the snow and under the shells for more political than strategic gains.
A game by Jean-Philippe Gury

  • Complexity: 4/10
  • Solo playability: 2/10
  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • One turn = two weeks
  • A battalion = a few hundred men

Die-cut counters :

counters Belfort

Map (29,2 x 42 cm, preview):

map Belfort

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