Lex Saxonum

Lex Saxonum is a two player game that simulates the conquest of Saxony by Charlemagne in the last quarter of the 8th century. One of the players represents the Carolingians of Austrasia, Hesse, Thuringia and West Friesland, the other player controls the different Saxon tribal federations and their Danish and Frisian allies. The goal of Charlemagne is to integrate Saxony into the Carolingian domain, including through terror and exemplary massacres.
Lex Saxonum
Complexity : 4/10
Solitaire suitability : 2/10
Duration : 2 to 3 hours
Game turn = one year
A unit = a few hundred men

Die-cut counters :

counters Lex Saxonum


Map Lex saxonum

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