Ancients & Middle-Age

Wargames with die-cut counter, covering Ancient Wars and middle-Age

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  • Alexander against Persia is a tactical game which presents the first 3 battles in the By the Edge of the Sword Antiquity series. They bring onto the stage the greatest conqueror of Antiquity in the course of the mighty confrontations which enabled him to bring Persia to its knees.

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  • Heroes & Kings brings together four battles from the series Au Fil de l’Epée, previously published in DTP by Canons en Carton, in revisited and redesigned versions. They feature the celebrated heroes and kings of the French Middle Ages: William the Conqueror, Saint Louis, du Guesclin and Joan of Arc.

  • This second volume of the new edition of Fields of Battle takes us from the end of the Roman Republic to the beginning of the Empire. It covers the wars against Mithridates VI Eupator the King of Pontus, the conquest of Gaul by Caesar, the civil wars of the First and second Triumvirates, the wars against Parthia.

  • The Arab Conquest of the Levant A.D. 636-656.Martina’s Bane comes with two scenarios and one campaign from the battle of Yarmouk in 636 to the assasination of the third calife in 656.Designer: Jason juneauAvailable:: early July

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  • This new edition takes us from the death of Alexander in 323 BC and the war of his successors — the Diadochi — which will last fifty years, to the last battles in Italy and Spain of the Second Punic War in 206 before BC, via the expedition of Pyrrhus, king of Epirus in Italy between 280 and 275 BC.

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  • Tremithousa and Arsuf 1191 are the 31 st and 32nd battles of the series Au fif de l'epee / By the Edge of the Sword, launched in issue 26 of the magazine VaeVictis. The game includes two battles won by Richard the lionheart during the course of the Third Crusade, the first battle being fought on Cyprus against Isaac Comnenus and the second in the Holy...

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