Heroes and Kings


Heroes & Kings brings together four battles from the series Au Fil de l’Epée, previously published in DTP by Canons en Carton, in revisited and redesigned versions. They feature the celebrated heroes and kings of the French Middle Ages: William the Conqueror, Saint Louis, du Guesclin and Joan of Arc.

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Data sheet

Series Au Fil de L'Epée
Période Antiquité, Moyen-âge
Publisher Cérigo éditions
Author Frédéric Bey
Language(s) French and English
Illustrateur Pascal Da Silva

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• During the battle of Val ès dunes, the man still known as William the Bastard, allied with the King of France Henry I, set about reconquering his duchy by confronting his rival Gui de Brionne and an army of rebellious barons. On open terrain, two lines of chevaliers face off and prepare for a bloody combat under the eyes of Raoul de Taisson who had not yet chosen his side.
• Since the conquering of the Poitou by Philippe Auguste, there had been to definitive treaty to resolve the contradictions between French suzerainty and the former English rights. Hugh of Lusignan publicly withdraws his allegiance to Alphonse, Count of Poitiers, the French king’s brother, and calls on his step-son, Henry III, the king of England for help. Louis IX of France is forced to react, resulting in the battle of Taillebourg during which the French knights cross the Charente River by force and overthrow the Anglo-Gascons.
Cocherel is a battle characteristic of the scientific and cunning methods the Constable du Guesclin employed to defeat his enemies. By feigning a hasty retreat and luring Charles the Bad into an imprudent pursuit, du Guesclin gives King Charles V of France with a valuable and important victory over one of his worst enemies C
Patay is the culminating point of the Loire campaign inspired by Joan of Arc who just liberated Orléans. This is the first of the memorable “June 18” in the History of France with Joan of Arc and her companions La Hire, Xantrailles, Dunois, Alençon and Richemont triumphing over John Talbot’s English. This time the English archers won’t have the final word.
Heroes & Kings puts players at the head of small armies dominated by powerful knights. These short and varied battles require both risk taking and a solid tactical sense.
Will you fare as well as these semi-mythical figures of the History of France in vanquishing the English and the rebellious barons?

Game components:
• Four 42 x 29,5 cm maps (printed front and back)
• 216 die-cut counters and markers
• One booklet of rules and 4 scenarios
• One player aid card