2 years of Glory


2 Années de Gloire (2 Years of Glory) brings together the four battles that determined the outcome of the Prussian and Polish campaign from 1806 to 1807. They were previously featured in 2006 and 2007, and we are now offering them in new, redesigned and significantly revised versions.
Note: this wargame is a special issue not included in subscriptions.
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Data sheet

Series Jours de Gloire series
Période 1er Empire
Publisher Cérigo éditions
Author Frédéric Bey
Language(s) French and English
Illustrateur Pascal Da Silva

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Game Components:

  • 2 maps 59 x 41,6 cm and 1 map 83 x 59 cm
  • 648 die-cut counters and markers
  • 2 rulebooks (French/English)
  • 2 booklets including ten scenarios (French/English)
  • 2 deployment tables
  • 1 player aid

Jena  - Auerstedt (14 October 1806)
Jena is one of Napoleon’s most brilliant victories. While Hohenlohe, the Prussian general-in-chief, was unable to engage all of his forces in a coordinated manner, the French army corps leapt into action as soon as they arrived in the combat zone. The same day at Auerstedt, Davout’s and Brunswick’s forces clashed in the fog. At three against one, the Prussians squandered their numerical superiority and Davout’s victory was as complete as it was unexpected.

Eylau (8 February 1807) - Friedland (14 June 1807)
Eylau is a “despite it all” victory, won through superhuman sacrifice. On the contrary, Friedland is a crafted victory, masterfully planned and executed. With its artillery batteries and the charge breaking Murat’s 80 squadrons, Eylau is the frontrunner of the frontal combats at the end of the Empire. As Marengo reminds us, Friedland’s concentration of reinforcements and spirit of initiative provoke the decision. France reaches the height of its power, demonstrated by the Treaties of Tilsit.

Deux Années de Gloire proposes four battles mobilizing great forces. Can you snuff out the Prusso-Saxon army at Jena ? Will you be victorious at Auerstedt at the head of a single army corps ? Will you succeed in saving your battalions from the snowstorm d’Eylau? Will you be able to escape the trap Napoleon has set  at Friedland ?
Deux Années de Gloire contains eleven scenarios : five historical, three hypothetical and three adapted for competition. From Bernadotte’s possible arrival at  Auerstedt to the simulation of two days of battle at Friedland, this game will immerse you in the full intensity of the wars of the Fourth Coalition.

  • Units: 1 strength point equals 400 infantry, 300 cavalry, 4 or 6 cannons
  • Scale: regiment or brigade
  • Complexity : 7 / 9