VaeVictis 151 - Special game issue


VaeVictis Issue #151  - July - August 2020
Special Game issue including the wargame with die-cut counters "Capture Tito !"

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Number of pages 80
Publisher Cérigo éditions
Language(s) French

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  • Front Toward Ennemy
  • Guerres indiennes vol. 1 : Custer
  • Durchbruch 1917
  • Tank Duel
  • Western Empires
  • Brazen Chariots, Battles for Tobruk 1941
  • Twilight Struggle
  • White Tribe


  • Advanced Squad Leader
  • Memory 44


  • Furor Mundi
  • Bolt Action vs. Chain of Command
  • Les batailles du Grand Condé
  • La bataille d’Angleterre


  • Figurines en impression 3D
  • Les nouveautés Warlord

Art of war

  • Opération Rösselsprung 1944
  • 1870, l’été tragique 1re partie

Wargame with die-cut counters

  • Capture Tito !

    Operation Rösselsprung 1944 features the first phase of the operation led by the airborne troops of the SS-fallschirmjäger battalion 500 to eliminate Tito. This game system, developed for the Raid series, is designed for solo play; the artificial intelligence automatically manages the Yugoslav actions while the player manages the German actions.
    The map represents a series of points, between one and several hundred metres apart. A game turn equals 2 day time hours and 5 night time hours; the scenario begins at 6.00 on 25 May 1944 and finishes at 12.00 on 26 May for 12 game turns. The front side of a counter represents full strength or 35-40 German paratroopers, a company of 20-100 Yugoslav partisans, an officer, two anti-air machine guns or two Italian tanks.

    Complexity: low to medium
    Duration: 90 minutes
    Play: Solitary