VaeVictis 171 - Game issue


VaeVictis Issue #171 - November - December 2023
Special Game issue including the wargame with die-cut counters: Pizarro 1532-1537, the conquest of the Inca Empire

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16,50 €

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Number of pages 80
Publisher Cérigo éditions
Language(s) French

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The conquest of Peru


This game simulates the conquest of the Incan empire by Francisco Pizarro and his brothers.
It is part of the “Gold and Steel” series “L’or et l’acier” (The Burgundian wars, 1474-1477-VV 115, The war of the Public Weal 1465-VV 123, Cortès and the conquest of Mexico 1519-1521-VV 137, the French-Breton War 1487-1491, VV 160) which play the campaigns of the end of the 15th century and beginning of the 16th century on the strategic and tactical levels. 

The game is both strategic, with the armies moving on the map through zones representing the Incan empire, and tactical, with the combatants of this period facing off on a tactical map depicting the battlefield.

The diplomacy table indicates the evolving alliance of the Indian peoples of the Incan empire from unwavering support to doubt to change of camp which may have consequences on the battle and influence the allies’ ability to recruit. 

Victory points are obtained through alliances, by winning major battles (involving more than ten strength points on both sides), the siege of fortresses and by controlling all nine zones designated as strategic objectives.

Throughout the game, the Spanish receive a random number of reinforcements from the New World which balance out the forces opposing the Incan military power and their enormous human resources and offers each camp a chance at victory. 

Will you allow the Incas to preserve their Empire against the greediness of the conquistadors? Or will you succeed in this audacious conquest?

  • Complexity: 5/10
  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • One turn: one season
  • Combat unit: approximately 40 conquistadores or 4000 indian warriors