VaeVictis 132 Game issue


Issue #132
Marsh-April 2017
Game issue, includes the wargame with die-cut counters :"Basileus" ("À la Charge series")

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Number of pages 80
Période Antiquité, Moyen-âge
Publisher Cérigo éditions
Language(s) French

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• Hexagones
Bien jouer à Montenotte (VV 128)
Red Poppies Campaign (Compass Games)
Sicily 2 (MMP)
Silver Bayonet (GMT)
Austerlitz Rising Eagles  (Hexasim)
Scénario Old School Tactical
Scénario M44
Thunders in the Ozark (Revolution Games)
V-Commando  (Triton noir)
Ligny/Wavre (Ludifolie)
I will fight no more, forever (Paper Wars)
• Figurines
Empire Italie + scénarios
Article de fabrication de décor
Scénario Men who would be Kings
Adaptation Congo à la conquête des Amériques
Mortem et Gloriam
Sword Point
Retour à Dien Bien Phu
Art of War (Zvezda)

• Art of War
Byzance X-XIe centuries

• Wargame

Basileus : Byzance Xth-XI centuries

970 Arcadiopolis
After the invasion of the Byzantine empire by the Rus' and their allies, General Bardas Skleros sets an ambush for them and decimates the Pecheneg avant-guard. This action incites the rest of the Rus' army to retrace their steps and return to their new Bulgarian territories.
971 Dorostolon (3 scenarios)
Emperor John Tzimiskes decides to stamp out the Rus' threat. One after another, he seizes all the Bulgarian towns that his enemies had conquered before besieging Dorostolon where Sviatold and his forces have taken refuge. Several pitched battles ensue as well as some significant sorties. At the end, Sviatold must submit, unable to break the Byzantine efforts.
1122 Beroia
The last Pecheneg hoards have been expelled from Russia and invade the north of the Byzantine empire. John II Komnenos wins them over with promises and gifts before attacking them by surprise. Since he is unsuccessful in breaking their circle of chariots, he intervenes himself with his Varangian guard and provokes a total rout of the nomads.

Basileus (Balkans) is the 5th module in the game system “A la Charge!”. It introduces a new type of terrain, hedges; some special characteristics, including Unseizable; and particularly formidable units, the Byzantine cataphracts.